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Services from Browns Carpentry and Construction


Browns Carpentry and Contruction offer a wide range of services for both domestic and commercial clients in Eastbourne and surrounding areas.


Browns Carpentry and Contruction will take the stress from a major building project off your hands. We will liaise with architects, engineers and local authorities, as well as managing the supply and delivery of materials and other service providers such as plumbers, electricians and waste disposal. Brown Carpentry and Contruction are sensitive to neighbours’ requirements and will help you broach party wall issues with diplomacy and tact.


Browns Carpentry and Contruction can provide in-house design expertise to ensure your extension, loft conversion or redevelopment works seamlessly with your existing living space, while every new build is planned with practicality, aesthetics and end-use in mind. Once you are committed to a project, we will draw up a schedule of construction, planning the works around your needs and ensuring your life is disrupted as little as possible. Regular meetings with you will ensure the project runs as expected, while the occasional challenges that arise with any building project can be discussed and planned into the works.


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